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Hawthorne Corner’s loft-style urban living spaces are part of the larger neighbourhood of Hawthorne, inspired by the walkable country villages of Europe.  It’s a combination of the city and the country – embracing the best of both worlds.  Your home will be located in the village, the social hub of the community.  Where you’ll be able to grab a quick latte in the morning or linger over a meal on the patio at dinner.

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Designed with imagination, built with care and filled with thoughtful touches, Hawthorne Corner is a truly unique place to live.  Each home has its own entrance, a plus that ensures privacy and convenience. You’ll also enjoy either a patio or balcony and the rich landscaping that connects the Corner to the surrounding neighbourhood.


Built by Nanaimo’s leading developer, InSight Holdings Ltd., Hawthorne Corner is a small European-style village featuring loft homes, flats, street level shops and beautifully landscaped grounds.  Each home is a unique expression of quality craftsmanship and urban convenience. The nine colourful buildings that make up Hawthorne Corner have unique warehouse detailing and the mixed use of materials such as corrugated steel, natural brick, heavy beams of timber, and aluminum rails creating a hip, industrial feel.


This, combined with the integration of convenient shops and services, all set amongst beautifully landscaped pathways connecting to the promenade and plaza, make Hawthorne Corner one of Nanaimo’s most desirable new neighbourhoods.

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